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RobotWorks licence model

is available in three variations.

Designer's licence

The designer's licence offers the whole functionality with the exception of the program production. With it you can develop the investment layout which plan movements and examine concerning accessibility and collision freedom. (10 robot models)

It concerns a full RobotWorks without postal processors.

User licence

The user licence is directed at enterprise which explains an Applikations with a robot, for example, jet of water reaping. The designer's licence contains the full functionality with the possibility to generate programmes for a robot of a manufacturer.

(1 robot model, 1 postal processor)

Integrator licence

The Integrator licence contains 10 robot models and all postal processors of the topically supported robot manufacturers.

(10 robot models, all postal processor)

To all licence kinds the options Axis of rotation / rotary tilting table and linear axis are available. With it let themselves movements of a robot on a cross table and movements of a work piece on a trick. Tilting table, so 10 axes, synchronically calculate.

To provide the abilities of the postal processors an entire programme, vary according to the manufacturer.


Only 6 achsige robot types are supported in general. You ask other robot configurations please with me.

Detlef Krause

Vertrieb / technischer Support

+49 170 31 58 768