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The application of RobotWorks brings many advantages at different levels with itself.

    The misalignment of the programming on the PC lowers the dead times by programming. (RobotWorks approx. 80%)

    RobotWorks allows with complicated movements efficiency increases with the programming of factor 3 – 4 towards manual programmings. This can be called that the programming planned for 4 weeks is finished in 1 week.

    You can test different variations very fast mutually.

    RobotWorks makes the conversion quicker and surer. One knows that with this position and situation of the component the planned movement of the robot is possible freely of collision. The programme is ready up to smaller adaptations. There are no surprises, in the sense that, nevertheless, the next point is not accessible now.

    The hold device of the component can be checked by the simulation. Attempt and mistake are overcome.

    A designer without program knowledge for robot can simulate movements and check therefore his layout and optimise. By the simulation it is considered the charakteristik of the robot what is not possible with pure CAD models of the robots.

    RobotWorks can calculate for you the position of the robot with the slightest Achsbewegungen, with it with the slightest cycle time and the slightest energy application. (depending on the elective parametres)

    The combination SolidWorks and RobotWorks allows any motion.

    The combination SolidWorks and RobotWorks allows quick and easy test of different tool configurations.

The called advantages were gathered by RobotWorks users and illustrate only one small cutting from the wide spectrum of accessible advantages, because advantages can be very specific for enterprise.

All these advantages mean, the application of RobotWorks shortens your conversion time and saves with it your money.

Detlef Krause

Vertrieb / technischer Support

+49 170 31 58 768